Computer Forensic Analysis
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Forensic Analysis of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

Analysis of forensic evidence is what makes First Select Employee Screening (FSES) different from the rest of the computer forensics providers. Along with using established, industry standard software such as EnCase, FTK and Paraben, analysis involves everything from…

  • Password recovery/removal
  • Data decryption
  • Data compression & imaging
  • Media type conversion
  • Duplicate file elimination
  • Forensic examination of log files and computer registry
  • Swap / META file examination
  • Website visit logs and internet cache examination
  • Email searches

Our experts have case tested methods that have proven FSES ability to discover as much evidence as possible for our clients.

FSES specializes in performing time based analysis of electronically stored meta data.  Our experience evaluating and analyzing time based meta data enables us to quickly correlate disparate information to find notable dates and times of interest relating to spoliation, misappropriation, and other irregular computer usage and activities.

FSES has a track record of prevailing in the courts and has provided key testimony related to computer activities by individuals.

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